As stated on the home page the lack of insurance is one cause of financial catastrophes. The following are some examples of protection that many can qualify for.

Obviously good choices, hard work, emergency funds, savings and family may have thwarted life disasters. But lets not forget the professionals that specialize in the areas of medicine/health, finances, taxes and law that we can not live without. Do you think that Donald Trump has a law firm and an accounting firm along with advisers that help him protect his assets?

Middle class America believes that you must be wealthy to access many of these services but that simply just isn’t so. For instance for a small monthly fee a family can have legal and identity theft protection in the following areas:

  • Preventive Legal Services
  • Motor Vehicle Legal Services
  • Trial Defense Services
  • IRS Audit Legal Services
  • Identity Theft Restoration

How much does it cost to consult will a financial adviser? In most cases nothing. Keep in mind that they are in the business of making money and will have a suite of products to offer you. But they may have a solution that solves a concern.

No family should suffer financially because of a death in the family. If the major bread winner is in good health and the family is not financially secure there is no excuse not to have adequate life insurance. Term insurance is very affordable.

Legal Sheild are the founders of pre-paid legal services in the United States and therefore the oldest and most experienced. Legal Sheil has a partnership with Kroll, the worlds largest risk management company.

Kroll offers the nations most complete identity theft restoration service. Where other companies help you in the event your credit card gets stolen, Kroll restores your identity in the areas of Character theft, Department of Motor Vehicle ID theft, Social Security number theft, Medical Information Bureau theft and Credit Card theft.